About The Brand

When I first had the idea pop up in my head on creating an apparel line it was more fitness related because at the time that was my focus. When I started creating the name and basing it around being confident that’s when my vision had changed!

I envisioned a group of womxn coming together, supporting each other and rocking their apparel that had kickass sayings like “Confident AF”!

That’s when I created the Confident Babe Squad! I had originally asked my followers if they wanted to be apart of a photoshoot for the apparel line.

I asked them to email me with why they wanted to represent this brand. The response was incredible! I chose fifteen womxn to start representing this brand and will be looking to add more. They are real womxn of all shapes, sizes & color that have their own story to share with the world.

I want womxn to feel empowered in their own skin and own where they are right now in this moment. You can change anything about yourself and your lifestyle but, it won’t be worth it if you’re not enjoying the ride to get there babe!

So embrace where you are now, know that you’re working on becoming the best version of you and learn from this roller coaster that I like to call life.


The Confident Babe